Thanks for visiting EZ Graphing. My name is Terry and I am the teacher who invented this graphing hardcover; I am thrilled that you would visit my site and view my products. In my daily work, I teach geometry, algebra, precalculus, and calculus after school to high school students and I get a kick when my teaching makes a difference either from across the table or across the internet. On many occasions, I come across a problem that I think other students would benefit from.

Thus, I want to share my work with you. It might not look as professional and done up like a well-edited Youtube video, but you might learn something that you previously didn’t know about graphing or with math. Heck, if you enjoy these, feel free to contact me to request a certain type of math problem.

  • She’s a Phenom!

    In my 17 years of working as a math teacher, I get the privilege of meeting some really special teenagers. Today I met one! AP Calculus AB teachers and students: this 16-year-old is taking the class and creating tutorial/solution videos for her classmates so that they can all rise together. I commend Elizabeth for her […]

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  • Refurbished Calculator Slide Covers

    I sell my product in basically three spots:,, and In the last year or two, I’ve seen move toward free returns. As much as this is a gift to all of us who love online shopping, I’ve noticed a larger quantity of returns since then. Mostly, it’s because a buyer orders […]

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  • FlashCards

    Math is such a fundamental skill that’s integral in almost everything. In fact, I don’t know where math isn’t; Is math the ether? 🙂 So, I programmed a 2-minute flashcard system (still in the works, and getting better), an arithmetic flashcard website for my two elementary-aged kids: If you wanna give it a whirl, […]

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  • We owe it to the ones who’ve helped us.

    The older I get, the more I appreciate the ones who have helped me along the way. One of the first memories I have about math came in 1st grade when my father showed me a trick about subtraction; in fact, I teach my students this technique when I notice there a delay in his/her […]

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