Refurbished Calculator Slide Covers

I sell my product in basically three spots:,, and In the last year or two, I’ve seen move toward free returns. As much as this is a gift to all of us who love online shopping, I’ve noticed a larger quantity of returns since then. Mostly, it’s because a buyer orders the wrong model for their calculator and returns it for the correct one.

As happy as I am for the ease of consumerism and expeditious sales/returns, I have accumulated a stock of nearly perfect or slightly blemished returned calculator covers of all colors. It’s hard to see a useful piece of plastic product go to waste and deemed unusable because it doesn’t have the right packaging.

Would you be interested in one of these refurbished products if it arrives without the typical marketing/packaging? It costs about $4 to ship via USPS and I will only charge a total of $9 for the entire order.

If you’re interested, tell me what color you’re interested in and which calculator you have. I will check my inventory of returns and email you back. Thanks!