Put it All Together

Now that you’ve learned the first five lessons of graphing (The Generic FunctionParent Functions, Translations, Dilations and Reflections), it’s now time to put it all together. Here is a really easy, foolproof way that we’ve found to graphing. Ready to learn?

The 5 EZ Rules to Graphing


Step 1: Draw an X-Y axis with your EZ Graphing slide case.


Step 2: Identify the Parent Function and graph it.


Step 3: Apply Reflection if appropriate. Flip the curve about the
X-axis or the Y-axis and graph it.


Step 4: Apply Dilation if appropriate. Apply Y-stretch or Y-compression 
as well as X-stretch or X-compression and graph it.


Step 5: Apply Translation if appropriate. Move the graph up or down
and/or left or right.




Now let’s try some examples